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June 26 2017


5 Hidden Signs of Poor Sanitation in a Nail Salon

Getting a manicure and pedicure at a dirty salon isn’t just gross, it can cause serious health problems. While it may seem easy to tell whether a salon has a high standard of cleanliness, some signs are subtle. Below are several surprising signs of an unsanitary nail salon.

Wiping Off the Tools

This sign may seem counterintuitive, as most people see wiping tools off as a good thing. However, it’s actually a sign that a file, cuticle nipper, or pusher hasn’t been properly sanitized with a solution like MOD Clean. Similarly, if tools are sitting near manicure tables or pedicure stations, it’s likely they haven’t been properly sanitized.

Allen Baler

Sticky Nail Polish Bottles

It can be disappointing to find a favorite polish color only to see that the bottle or lid is full of gunk. However, it goes deeper than choosing another color. If the manicurist isn’t cleaning the bottle after every use, it’s likely other important areas will be overlooked as well.

Water Stains on Tools

If implements are water-stained, it may indicate the nail salon is not using proper sterilization procedures. Using a solution like MOD Clean, along with a UV light, can ensure the tools are kept sanitary and ready for the next use.

Jetted Pedicure Tubs

While the whirlpool bath may feel nice on the feet, the motor can be a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. It’s safest to use still water for pedicures, but if that isn’t an option, customers should ask the staff to run the tub with hot water and bleach for at least ten minutes before the service is provided.

Gloveless Techs

It’s been estimated that almost half of people in the US will have toenail fungus at least once before they turn 70. If a nail tech does not wear latex gloves, the odds are high that they’ve come into close contact with skin diseases, nail fungus, or athlete’s foot. Ask the tech to put on a fresh pair of gloves before receiving nail care services.

These are just some of the hidden signs of poor sanitation in a nail salon, and there are several more to look for. If a customer sees any of these signs, he or she should consider looking for another salon. 
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